Marbroer, S.L. dedicated to Design , Manufacture and Marketing of drip irrigation systems .


The Marbroer ESCOBER dripper has been developed to compete with the best pressure compensating and non-leakage drippers on the international market.

The non-leakage model works for optimal irrigation conditions and closes efficiently at 3 m.c.a. pressure. This explains the higher opening pressure in comparison to other transmitters, however in Marbroer we consider this characteristic necessary in order to obtain maximum benefit from the dripper, in both the medium term and long term.

In Marbroer, we suggest a 1,5 Kg/cm2 entry pressure for each transmitter. This ensures correct opening and uniformity in the desired flow, as well as avoiding the possibility of the particle deposits that are not flushed away at lower pressures.

The main duty of the installer in optimising the functioning of the dripper-system and guaranteeing proper usage of these kinds of facilities, is to advise the farmer about preventive and/or corrective measures that are summarised below, as well as to provide the aforementioned pressure.

In farming, it is increasingly necessary for the irrigation system to transport many chemical products in the interest of crop hygiene, e.g. fertilisers, amino-acids, etc. Any one of these products added to the water on its own does not present a problem but over time and when there is a reaction between different ones, they may form larger and larger, solid precipitates. If the precipitates are not controlled, they reach the conduits and block them, partially or totally stopping its main function: the flow of water.

The appearance of precipitates does not cause a problem if the irrigation facilities are properly maintained, or when they do occur, if they are eliminated. For this reason, the installer as well as the farmer have to be aware that the efficiency of the system depends on good maintenance.

Before following treatments based on acids or other chemical products, the farmer will have to verify that none of the components of their installation will be damaged by the action of these substances. At Marbroer, we guarantee the resistance of our products to these substances. The treatments are advisable in order to avoid or eliminate blockages in the pipes and transmitters, but we cannot be held responsible for damage caused to other elements of your installation and/or farming.